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w pobliżu Pec pod Sněžkou, Královéhradecký (Czechia)

The sunrise was forecasted for today on 6h24. The trail started in Pec pod Snezkou at quarter past 4. I was following a green tourist mark and went through Ruzohorky and rebuilt Ruzova Hora cabine car station. Then I approached Snezka via yellow tourist mark. The next point down the hill from Snezka was Obri bouda and the great way through Obri dul. I was back again in Pec pod Snezkou about half past 8.

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  • vladak 2019-05-15

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    I've done this trail in early May which was exceptionally cold this year. There was still lots of snow around the way. I started shortly after 4 AM from the parking below funicular. The sunrise happened as I approached the base of Snezka. On the top I had the scenery just for myself until someone approached from the Polish side around half past 6. The scenery was exceptional - especially the polish side with small pieces of fog down below. The descent was arguably harder than ascent. Due to conditions I'd recommend good hiking boots and interchangeable layers - I started in hybrid jacket and put my hardshell on as I climbed Snezka in the exposed terrain. Good gloves and hiking poles (+ head lamp for the early section through the wood) were a must for me. When I was walking along the cottages near the base of Obri dul, I noticed the grass was still covered with ice. Really nice experience in overall, sometimes hiking all alone is the best thing.

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