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w pobliżu Nová Sedlica, Prešovský (Slovensko)

Kremenec Trip


Here we started. Our group was contained of five people with three different nationalities - Slovakia, Poland nad Romania. In the beginning, we were just getting to what the route will be like. Right after the village, there was a big board with small quiz on it. The questions were directed mostly on stars as Nová Sedlica is the darkest place in Slovakia.

1. Waypoint

At this point we let out our drone just for a minute - as it is forbidden in this area - to take some great pictures of us, but unfortunately we didn't manage to upload these photos here. Anyways, it was fun.

2. Waypoint

Right here, we were tired a bit so we finally took some pictures of us as a group and we played little game just to keep ourselves heated.

Finally at the top

After ten kilometers of walking in pain, we eventually got to the top. There weren't any views at all but at least we were on three places simultaneously. We've made excellent photos of our big group on the borders furthermore we had a lot of fun. Forest and the whole nature is looking great and we are enjoying it so far.


As we were heading back to our accomodation, exhausted a lot, we took some other amazing pictures of us, trees, the whole nature and once again, we let out our drone to fly. We've done around 22 kilometers in total.


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