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w pobliżu Kolsås, Akershus fylke (Norge)

Nice walk in September through the hill of Kolsås.

Hardest parts were in the city of Kolsås and in Haslum when leaving or taking the subway.

The walk is well indicated by blue marks on trees and panels indicating the closest interesting point (summit, lake or station of bus...).

I, then, followed the track up to Kolsåsstupene. Nice view on Kolsås and the coast side.
Then I took the direction of Kolsåsstopene. The trail between both is going up and down hill and through a quiet forest.

Arriving near to the lake Saeterjernet, there is the possibility to follow the lake side (blue marked trail) or to take the shortcut which goes straight. But they join later.

I climbed up to Kolsåsstopene. Took a view. Signed the book, and walk back up to the intersection with the panel indicating Steins-something.

After having passed the little unnammed lake and walk dow the path, I chose to deviate from the blue marked trail (they were a Natural protected park on the right and this path that I assumed lead to the road I wanted to go). I had to follow a little path of stones going done quite steep but still feasible. I arrived on a secondary road made of little stones ended by a cottage near a cliff and found the Blue marked trail again. I went across a meadow where a kind of bench can help to jump the fence.

Later, i think the walk inside Haslum can be avoided by finding a walking path but I did not have a idea of them at that time.


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