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264 m
7,6 km

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w pobliżu Şidaqah, Umm al Qaywayn (United Arab Emirates)

Recce hike to check out a possible circular route near Jebel Yibir. Approach the start point either via the blacktop road or wadi from Al Tawain. I recommend parking near the weather station easily visible from the track. 4wd recommended given the wadi track option or steep descent after the blacktop option. The start of the wadi is fairly easy but soon becomes a boulder hopping challenge! After the first kilometre or so the wadi narrows into a steep sided gorge with no escape options - check the weather before attempting this and keep an eye on the sky. A lot of water has clearly passed over the years leaving smooth 'dry waterfalls' and this is not a gorge I would want to get caught out in when it rains. A reasonable amount of scrambling is involved until you reach 'the crux', a 10-12m dry waterfall wall. We found a way up the left hand side but this is steep, smooth with few holds and if you slip near the top it will result in a big fall. As mentioned, there are no escape routes, so unless willing to complete the full route (estimated to be about 20km, 6-7hours) do not attempt going past this wall unless very comfortable with free climbing, including down climbing on the way back. After this the going consists of more boulder hopping and is slow going. We decided to turn around maybe a kilometre on from the crux to make sure we could return safely to the cars. As always, plenty of water, energy snacks and sun protection needed.

KP crux

Latitude: 25.62733334 Longitude : 56.15541668

KP rockfall

Latitude: 25.6239333004 Longitude : 56.1541666836

KP start

Latitude: 25.6162500288 Longitude : 56.1512666289

KP turn

Latitude: 25.6293333415 Longitude : 56.1576833110

3 Opinie

  • Zdjęcie TrailGuru

    TrailGuru 2016-01-12

    We have attempted twice to scout this area, and both times been chased away by military. We were able to get only as far as the rock climbing area in Tawaian, and shortly up the road. Did you start walking in Tawain, and thus how you avoided the military? They told us please go to 'other mountain' . Its an amazing area, we are really working hard to find a way around this! https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/knee-popper-part-1-11900663/photo-7282490

  • Zdjęcie merlin81260

    merlin81260 2016-01-12

    Hi, thanks for your comment. In answer to your question I guess we have just been lucky. We have been hiking this area quite a lot and as you rightly say, there are some excellent trails. On each occasion we have driven to the start point, either at the base of the mountain (as in this instance) or to the top just before the 'no entry'. https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/knee-popper-part-1-11900663/photo-7282490

  • Zdjęcie Ben Robbins

    Ben Robbins 2017-11-19

    It is very luck based. I have had mixed luck when accessing the military road specifically in the past, particularly since the tarmac came the check point has moved around a bit. However for this precise area you can access this by leaving the tarmac right down in Tawain itself and take the track up running almost parallel south-east of the new tarmac road. I have never had any military blocks on this side of the hairpins. The only exception I have had was once parking at the military observation tower and having "no barking" written in the dust on my windscreen. https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/knee-popper-part-1-11900663/photo-7282490

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