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w pobliżu Skíti Agías Ánnis, Mount Athos (Greece)

Starting from Katounia you follow the path to Agia Lavra and to the summit of Athos. There are signs with the names written in greek. If you do not know greek, at least ask someone to write you down the names so you can understand the signs.

Once you reach the location of the crossing to the summit, you will see also cross. Left going to the summit, right continuing to Ag.Lavra.
we followed the path to Agia Lavra, passing over Melissia. There is no sign for the archaic temple and you need to follow this recording to find it.

At some point you will see a cross on a stone. This is the point you need to head left through trees and bushes to the top.
The view from there is amazing.


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