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w pobliżu Kaloí Liménes, Crete (Greece)

From Kaloi Limenes the metaled road quickly turns to concrete then a dirt track. Leave the car in either Kaloi Limenes, or about 500m up the track from the village. From there trek for around 45min to 1hour to Agio Farango. The track is wide for about 15 to 20 mins (photo), at which point there is a makeshift gate across the track to keep the goats in (you'll need to uncoil and the re-fasten the gate wire). After another few minutes the track turns into a single track and drops down across a small rocky valley before rising up again on the otherside. At this point the path crosses an angled rock shelf (photo), that may feel a little exposed, but is plenty wide enough to cross comfortably in the right footware (hiking boots, or approach shoes - NOT flip flops). From here the path continues through rocky terrain, descending to Agio Farango which is visible and only about 10-15 minutes away. The route is marked by cairns and rocks with red painted dots. The dots seem to be most visible on the return leg, being painted mainly on the west face of the rocks and boulders. Return by the same route.

This area is really picturesque and Agio Farango is beautiful. I would definitely recommend a visit. Also, if you're a rock climber there are loads of great routes to climb in Agio Farango gorge - check out climbincrete.com .

On another note, there are some farmers in the area that use (mostly very timid) dogs to guard gates (so the goats don't escape) but unfortunately the dogs are neglected, and given little to no food and water. Also, the dogs are given little shelter - if they do get shelter it is often an old metal oil barrel that gets hot in the sun and realistically offers no shelter. Please take an extra bottle of water so that you can give it to the dogs if need be. Additionally, please take a photo and record the location of the dog, and then report it to the police (who have a duty to investigate). Anything else you can do, such as notifying local tavernas or hotels, or Animal Action Greece, would be good too. For more info google 'crete barrel dogs'.


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