1 084 m
484 m
18,92 km

Obejrzane 280 razy, pobrane 6 razy

w pobliżu Māsah, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

Not a spectacular wadi by any means, as usual in the W. Wuraya National Park area, and certainly not one for adrenalin/rope/plunge pool junkies.

I made it a little bit more interesting (and to preserve energy/water) by starting at night and taking about 2 hours to cover the first 5 or 6 KMs, which are fairly level, slowly winding upwards and becoming more interesting in terms of features. I came across a few snakes so on the odd occasion where it becomes hands on (narrowing points), watch where the hands go. It starts to become a bit more 'interesting' in terms of landscape and features about 4 KMs in - smooth rock flows, mid-sized pool basins (all dry at this time of year, I hasten to add - where the hell do those goats get their water from around there?) There are a few ways to the top, including a long ridge and a couple of wadis which open out into scrambles. Take your pick. The view north and east from the top is pretty decent too, although the haze from the humidity meant that visibility wasn't great so it might be better on a clear autumnal/winter day. The scramble-climb to the top is not very difficult technically but there are a few places where a slip could lead to unpleasant consequences, especially if you veer eastwards close to the top (a 100-metre vertical drop). However, in the heat and sun it really feels like a case of 'why did I do this?'

The route down was steeper and involved a fair bit of hands on scrambling, but it was less distance, and I made good pace with one thing concentrating the mind: water.

In general, it's a good practice run or, if done in summer, a seriously sweaty and exhausting 24-hour battle with the elements. Take at least 7 litres.

Anyway, after this extremely exhausting experience, I've finally learned my lesson and I will never set foot in a wadi from start/June to end/September. 20KMs to 1100 metres and back in this terrain and in this climate feels like 80KMs in my homeland (the UK).


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