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Uploaded 29 sierpnia 2018

Recorded sierpnia 2018

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1 341 m
566 m
10,84 km

Obejrzane 693 razy, pobrane 42 razy

w pobliżu Podhorskovia (Slovenská republika)

Start from parking area Biely Potok (restauarnt , gift shops) - blue trail . From Ostrvné fork take yellow trail . From Podžiar fork to Sedlo Medzirozsutce blue trail.
Sedlo Medzirozsutce to Sedlo Zákres read trail .
Sedlo Zákres via Malý Rozsutec to Biely Potok green trail.

You can add to this trail aprox 3,5 km (both way )walking on Veľký Rozsutec (red trail )
good view point 

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  • Truefet 2019-05-04

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Done this trail at beginning of May. Weather was sunny, but little bit windy.
    Route is great! I and my friends have a lot of fun.

    Go the route exactly counterclockwise, believe me, this is important :)

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