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w pobliżu Yalaka (historical), Florida (United States)

This short trail will take you up along Lake Mary Jane. You will get a couple glimpses of the lake when you take the spur off the green trail. The trail is blazed with green arrow metal tags placed on posts along the trail. The end of the trail was a little hard to figure out the day I walked the trail, hopefully they fixed that. I not only followed the trail, but wandered around the area, finding a nice pond and other interesting items. My GPS always leads me back to the parking area. There is a parking area just for the green trail. Please, take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Consider picking up some of the trash which was left there by the original owners.
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End of Trail

End of Green Trail
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Main Trail

Main Green Trail

Parking Area for Green Trail

Parking Area
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Tree Blocking Trail


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