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w pobliżu Yalaka (historical), Florida (United States)

The trail is actually a road which loops around this Green Place preserve. The trail is marked with blue arrow metal tags on posts along the trail. I did some deer while I wandered off the trail system. In some spots I found remnants of the old turpentine industry. There was a certain amount of trash around the area, left from the old owners. Consider carrying out some of that trash. No bikes or dogs are allowed in the preserve. Some of the road/trail is quite sandy, so expect that. The parking area is for the Blue trail, there is a second parking lot for the green trail. Please, take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints. Check my website for more information - www.tomchoma.com

Metal Bench Found Along Trail

Metal Bench

Hog Trap

Hog Trap Along The Trail

Orange Grove

Orange Grove/Fence Line

Parking Area


Picnic Table Just Off Trail

Picnic Table
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Sandy Section of Trail

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Trail Fork

Fork in Trail


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