422 m
-1 m
26,82 km

Obejrzane 477 razy, pobrane 14 razy

w pobliżu Pasadur (Hrvatska)

This one is a second day , long , very long day ... As usual , track is very difficult to walk , very bad at one point , require strength and calmness to get out of the forest :-)

Anyway, if you decide to walk all the way you will see all major things on island Lastovo , highest peak , hidden harbor , nicest place to swim , only camping place on the island , "rača spilja" cave with beautiful long stones and much more :-)

So be aware and prepare yourself with GPS, map and compass. Be careful and do not walk or drive alone! Enjoy. Use of this track is on your own responsibility. If you are interested to explore off-trails with me, or you are doing this already, let me know to hike together. Thanks for likes and follow me on Wikiloc.

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