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w pobliżu Colfax, California (United States)

This hike is difficult due to frequent narrow spots with steep drop-offs. It's anything but fast going and can be brutally hot in the exposed areas during the summer. It's not for the faint of heart past Windy Point. Elevation profile isn't accurate, neither is distance. Total elevation gain according to Google Earth is 1,585 and loss is 2,400 with a length of 5.46-miles.

Would estimate this as a 4-hour hike with limited stops.

1st Creek Crossing

Creek requires a rope-assist crossing in early spring due to the fast and high water flows.

River Access Trail

This ~400-foot trail provides a steep yet easy access to one of the prettiest spots on the North Fork American River.

Spring Access Trail

Great .3-mile trail that parallels a year-round creek to it's source, an underground spring.

Windy Point Redux (2nd bluff)

Spectacular river views and wildflower vistas abound, aka just like Windy Point.


Prominent sinkhole just off the trail.

Indian Creek

The confluence of Indian Creek and the North Fork American River is a popular gold panning location and is a great place to swim or rock scramble, including up Indian Creek ~.3-miles to a falls.

Yankee Jim's Bridge

Yankee Jim's bridge is .1-miles from Shirttail Creek. Built in 1930 it forms the Boundary for Auburn State Recreation Area.
Wycieczki Piesze

Windy Point Trailhead

This popular wild-flower overlook on the North Fork of the American River is located on Iowa Hill Road in Colfax .7-miles past the Mineral Bar Campground in Auburn State Recreation Area. More information on Windy Point >>>

Windy Point Bluff

Windy Point is widely recognized as one of the premier wildflower hikes in Auburn SRA, if not all of Placer County.

Rendezvous Yankee Jim's Group

Spot where the Windy Point hikers met the Yankee Jim crew on their way-up to Iowa Hill for a key swap in November 2011.

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  • Zdjęcie ClipperCreekWanderer

    ClipperCreekWanderer 2011-11-10

    I can hardly wait to make this journey myself. Sorry I keep missing your trips.

  • Zdjęcie Anderson

    Anderson 2014-02-23

    Thanks for including waypoints with photos to this great hike. I'll add this hike to my list of places to visit on my next visit to Sacramento.

  • Zdjęcie Dalits

    Dalits 2014-03-31

    Magnífica ruta y preciosas fotos.

    ¡¡Que suerte tenéis de disfrutar de esos parajes!!

  • Zdjęcie HispanoMaximo

    HispanoMaximo 2014-08-30

    It´s great man, it's really nice, this river look very wild hahaha. Seriusly, I like the photo and the trail.


  • Zdjęcie Berta NC

    Berta NC 2018-01-03

    Great trail @FoothillHikers, thank you!!

  • Zdjęcie A Blanes

    A Blanes 2018-09-18

    Magnífica ruta y preciosas fotos.

    ¡¡Que suerte tenéis de disfrutar de esos parajes!!

  • Zdjęcie mehdi.tabibvand

    mehdi.tabibvand 2020-02-26

    Hi dear friend
    You have followed and recorded many beautiful and exciting paths
    Please also visit my page and comment
    Thanks a lot

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