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w pobliżu  River Falls, South Carolina (United States)

Jones Gap State Park is located in the northwest corner of South Carolina, 45 minutes from Greenville. There are several 5+ hour hikes at the park. On this December day, we chose the Hospital Rock trail due to its southern exposure. It had rained the day before yet the trail was only wet in a few spots. The winter sun warmed us most of the day on this boulder-strewn trail. The multi-tiered Falls Creek waterfalls toward the end of the trek were spectacular. The hiking was very strenuous at times due to several challenging vertical ascents and descents. Rhododendrons flank the trail at many spots and must provide soothing shade and beautiful floral backdrops throughout the summer. On the road back to the parking area, a park ranger gave us a lift in the back of his pickup truck. You should start the trail before 9 AM, or as early as possible in the winter as the sun starts going down in the mountains before 4 PM.

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    gdufour1 2010-11-22

    Excellent route, I used it yesterday and it was very accurate, thanks for the data!

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