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w pobliżu Vivian, Ontàrio (Canada)

A nice tract of land featuring mixed forest, some re-juvenation efforts and also the new Headquarters for the Regional Forest group. The entrance and parking off Highway 48 were not open in early November of 2015 but there was a sign that indicated that they would be opening soon (Dec of 2015?).[Update March 2016: The main entrance is now open!] There were several cars parked on the side of the road at the Ninth Line entrance (the far eastern portion, about 2.5k into the hike) which is a good alternate start point if you are coming by car and the Highway 48 entrance is locked.

Trail was in good shape, mild up and downs, some wildlife and a stream. There were some interesting carvings/totems at the headquarters and I am guessing in 2016 they will have some displays or information available to the public. There are several opportunities to shorten or extend the trip to meet your needs (see map in pictures).

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