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w pobliżu Fiskardo, Ionian Islands (Greece)

Walked the 7th of August 2014
At the parking lot, you will find an information board with the walked trails and also the directions of the trails. The trail is very well signed with a blue-white marker.
At waypoint 04 after the luxary hotel, following the marker to the right will take you straight back to Fiskardo. Take left to start the lighthouse trail. From this point, there are no longer signs till the ruins just after the private property.
At waypoint 05: following the road will lead you into a private property. The landlord seems to be a little bit frustrated because he must give the comment a lot of times. So take right across the field and walk parallel with his property.
At waypoint 06, just behind the modern lighthouse, there is a small Venetian lighthouse. You can take up the stairs to have a better view of the area. But pay attention. The lighthouse has no platform and you can fall down if you keep up going up. So take care if you have children with you! After the lighthouse, follow again the blue-white sign to reach Fiskardo.

01-parking & information board

Parking and information board
Stanowisko archeologiczne

02-Trone of the Queen

Trone of the queen

03-World War 2 Gun emplacement

World War 2 gun emplacement

04-start lighthouse trail

Start Lighthouse trail. The sign will take you back to Fiskardo. Till the lighthouse, there will be no more signs.

05-private property

The track goes to the right in a field, just before the private property.
Stanowisko archeologiczne

06-Venetian lighthouse

You can take the stairs up on the Venetian Lighthouse but be carefull because there is no platform and you can fall down.

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  • Zdjęcie nikos.milatos

    nikos.milatos 2016-02-27

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Great walk

  • Zdjęcie Eric Boogaard

    Eric Boogaard 2019-05-21

    I have followed this trail  zweryfikowane  View more

    Nice trail, for us to much woods

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