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2 209 m
764 m
29,39 km

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w pobliżu Grand Canyon, Arizona (United States)

Shawn and I set out on a day hike to the Colorado River via South Kaibab - Bright Angel, however part way down we come to learn the lower end of Bright Angel was closed as a result of a rock slide. After doing lunch by the Colorado River we doubled back on South Kaibab to Tip Off then took Tonto Trail west to Bright Angel Trail. After 9 hours of hiking we made camp at Indian Garden and the following day made a 4 hour hike out Bright Angel Trail to the rim. Another great adventure with my son.

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One of two bridges in this area spanning the Colorado River. Both the Black and Silver bridge are over 100m in length.

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  • Zdjęcie Wonho Shin

    Wonho Shin 2017-10-24


  • mitus66 2018-12-27

    I have followed this trail  View more

    No es dificil pero larga. El final de la ruta es un continuo ascenso de casi 1000 metros con fuentes cada 200m mas o menos. Espectacular y muy recomendable en época sin calor. La hice en mayo,

  • mitus66 2018-12-27

    Espectacular. Cansa el tramo final de ascenso de 1100 m con frcuentes zonas de descanso con agua canalizada, Si es posiblemhecedla en mayo u octubre por el calor

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