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w pobliżu  Jakbatdeul, Gyeonggi (South Korea)

This hike is in the South East corner of Seoul. I went by car because there is no subway stop nearby. The parking cost 3000 won for the day. The closest subway stop would be Sangil-dong at the end of Line 5 or Paldang on the Jungang line. From either stop you should be able to get a bus to the trail head. The hike took a little under three hours at a moderate pace with a break for lunch at the summit.
The trail starts off at a fairly low angle for the 1st km then get steep. As it gets steep there are stairs so it is not technically difficult. I gave it a moderate rating because it does gain about 2000 feet from the trail head to the summit.
There was a stand selling makgeolli at the summit and at the Gazebo on the way down.
There are a few places as you approach the summit that the trail splits. You can go either way as they come back together in less than 100m.
There are a couple of good view points along the way and at the summit. It was hazy the day I hiked so my pictures did not do the view justice.
There are also a lot of outdoors apparel shops around the trail head.
Rest spot and trail intersection here.
A nice view point on the way down.
Summit pictures
Family grave yards are common near the trail heads.
Helipad near the summit.
There are several intersections as you approach the summit where you can go either way.
A short way down from the summit, you want to go right at the first intersection.
Near the end of the hike, you will be going along a road, but will take a right and then a quick left back onto a path for the last km to the trail head. You should see this war memorial statue at this point.
3000 won for the day.
Possible parking. May have to pay.
Toilet at the trail head.
Toilet at the trail head.
View point looking north towards Yebongsan.
View point along the relatively flat summit ridge looking east.
An open area looking west along the summit ridge.
A place to get water on the way down.


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