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w pobliżu Salmon River, Nova Brunsvic (Canada)

A rugged 41km trail along New Brunswick's Fundy coast from Big Salmon River to Goose River, an additional 8km stretch along Fundy National Park's Goose River Trail is required to complete this trek. Recognized as one of the longest stretches of uninhabited coastline in eastern North America also makes the Fundy Footpath one of the last coastal wilderness areas between Labrador and Florida.

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2 Opinie

  • mttnvk 2016-05-06

    Seems like from everything I read it makes more sense to Start North East at Goose River and trek East to West, I'd love to hear your thoughts since it seems most people go west to east.

  • Zdjęcie Waterfallin

    Waterfallin 2017-06-13

    Personal preference however the bottom line is you need a vehicle at each end.

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