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w pobliżu Desert Lake, Ontàrio (Canada)

A really nice hike through a beautiful provincial park, it is quickly becoming our favourite hike in the area. The rolling terrain has lots of small lakes, streams, a variety of trees and tons of picturesque views.

We have done the hike in fall/winter/spring, it can be done in either direction and the start point can change if the park is open (summer time) . The trail isn't maintained in the winter but the signage is up, the bridges were in good shape and quite a few people were taking advantage of the parks trails (including cross country skiers).

Adjust your time based on the conditions/time of year, it typically takes us 2.5 to 3 hours.

Arab Lake parking lot

This is a great place to start when the park is open. and makes the hike about 2.5 km shorter. Just off Big Salmon Lake Road and intersects with a couple of other trails. Outhouse is nearby.

Intersection of Arkon and Bufflehead trails -west

The path to the north takes you to Arkon Lake. On our counter clockwise hike we turn left to head towards Big Salmon Lake Road.

Big Salmon Lake Road -west

We turned right and walked the road back to the park gate and our car. We hiked the corridor trail on the way in and it parallels the road to the south (road is not visible from the trail). If you parked in the Arab lake lot (park is open) turn left here to return to your vehicle.

Intersection of Arkon and Bufflehead trails -east

The trail splits here, the path to the north heads to Arkon Lake and would add a couple of kilometers to the hike. Make a sharp turn, you are about half way through the hike at this point.

Beaver Dam

Some impressive beaver dams on this hike, these beavers have some serious skills!

Bridge 6

One of a series of bridges.... all were in good shape.

Bridge 4

Crosses another small stream.

Big Salmon Lake Road -east

Intersection of the trail and the park road.


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