Długość śladu

57,68 km


2 139 m

Poziom trudności



2 116 m

Max elevation

658 m



Min elevation

1 m

Trail type

One Way
  • Zdjęcie From Cala Luna to Santa Maria Navarrese
  • Zdjęcie From Cala Luna to Santa Maria Navarrese
  • Zdjęcie From Cala Luna to Santa Maria Navarrese
  • Zdjęcie From Cala Luna to Santa Maria Navarrese
  • Zdjęcie From Cala Luna to Santa Maria Navarrese
  • Zdjęcie From Cala Luna to Santa Maria Navarrese


2 dni 3 godzin 56 minut




15 sierpnia 2013


sierpnia 2013

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9 Opinie
658 m
1 m
57,68 km

Obejrzane 2305 razy, pobrane 60 razy

w pobliżu Dorgali, Sardegna (Italia)

9 Opinie

  • Zdjęcie emanuele_aho

    emanuele_aho 16 sie 2013

    Fantastico, non vedo l'ora di fare anche io tutto il percorso!!! https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/from-cala-luna-to-santa-maria-navarrese-5034900/photo-2585724

  • AlexanderAlex 11 kwi 2014

    Hallo Marius, kannst du bitte sagen, ob diese Route spezielle Ausrüstung benötigt? z.B. fürs abseilen.

  • Zdjęcie _Marius

    _Marius 15 kwi 2014

    No, it's not technically difficult track. It's enough to have sturdy shoes and a bit of endurance :) Maybe hiking poles can help you a bit, but we were without them.

    Translated via Google Translate:
    Nein, es ist technisch nicht schwierig Spur. Es ist genug, festes Schuhwerk und ein wenig Ausdauer haben :) Vielleicht Wanderstöcke können Sie ein bisschen helfen, aber wir waren ohne sie.

  • AlexanderAlex 15 kwi 2014

    thank you a lot! in two weeks i will try your track :)

  • Zdjęcie _Marius

    _Marius 15 kwi 2014

    Cool! I wish to come back here :) Look at my screenshot, zoom on map where I marked red dot. Here is very uncertain part of the trail. You need to go through the yard or even more, through the barn. So don't be afraid :) Good luck!


  • AlexanderAlex 16 kwi 2014

    oh, i will pay attention to this part :) btw, are there any water sources on the trail? i heard its hard to find water on the island.

  • Zdjęcie _Marius

    _Marius 16 kwi 2014

    Not too much. On this particular trail there is bar in Cala Luna and Cala Sisine beach. You can get food, drinks etc here. I just don't know if it works this time of the year. The next water/food source is Rifugio Cooperativa Goloritzè (http://www.coopgoloritze.com/rifugio-altopiano-golgo/) This is good place to stay. Of course you can find some fresh water sources on the trail, but you have to take care of water quality. Distance between these points is not longer than 2-3 hours between Cala Luna and Cala Sisine and 4-6 hours between Cala Sisine Rifugio Cooperativa Goloritzè. But in general about island - yes, you have to take care of water!

  • AlexanderAlex 16 kwi 2014

    i guess this bars are closed in april. anyway, then i will take with me few bottles more :) thank you for information!

  • David Montejo 7 mar 2015

    Hello Marius,

    we are thinking of doing a route in the east coast of Sardinia as well.
    Why exactly did you catergorize this route as "dificult"? What kind of dificulties are there? Do you have to climb?

    Where did you sleep?

    Best greets :)

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