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w pobliżu Episkopí, Eparchía Páfou (Cyprus)

The village of Episkopi in the Paphos district is a traditional stone-built village 11 kms north-east of Paphos.. It is located on the west bank of the Ezousa river at an altitude of 190 m.The Ezousa Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of Cyprus. Due to its high ecological value it has been included in the European network of protected areas NATURA 2000 "A Place of Community Importance" under the EU Directive 92/43/EEC and as 'Special Protection Area' for birds under the EU Directive 2009/147/EC.
Before you start the walking trail, is recommended to visit the Episkopi Environmental Information Centre (EPEIC) which is located within the boundaries of Episkopi village (http://epeicentre.com). The walking trail starts from the EPEIC.

Episkopi- Paphos

Email: epeicentre@cytanet.com.cy
Tel: 00357-26642234
Fax. :00357-26642936
Architektura sakralna

Saint Hilarion the Great Church - View point of Ezousa Valley

View point of Ezousa Valley.
Architektura sakralna

Archangel Michael chapel

Picturesque chapel
Stanowisko archeologiczne


A beautiful abandoned stone built village

Water Mill


Ezousa River


Episkopi Park

You can picnic at the plane and alder forest relaxing with the sounds of the river flow

Episkopi Cliff

The first thing one observes coming into the village is an enormous rock dominating the landscape. It is 70 m high and 250 m long, probably the single larger monolith on Cyprus. It belongs to the Mamonia geological complex and is designated as a category 3 protected landscape with the name Rock of Episkopi. Apart from the fact that it is one of the most interesting geological formations on Cyprus it is also environmentally important as far as the fauna and florat ithosts. Rare and protected species are found here. In the cracks of the limestone rock grows a specialist flora of chasmophytic plants such as Verbascum levanticum, Umbilicus rupestris and Polypodium cambricum. The Verbascum levanticum has been found in only a few locations on Cyprus and is the most characteristic of the chasmophytic plants that grow here. It is also notable that the Rock is the only place in the Ezousa valley where such flora occurs. At the base of the Rock a significant population of Bosea cypria is found. There are only three species of Bosea in the world, on Cyprus, the Canaries and the Himalayas. Another specie of plant listed in the Red Data Book of the Cyprus Flora, Crambe hispanica has been recorded recently here, increasing the environmental importance of the Rock and of the valley in general. The Rock of Episkopi has great ornithological interest. The Peregrine Falcon, Falco peregrinus) is a rare resident on Cyprus and is included in Annex Ι of the European Directive 2009/147/ΕC. In the Ezousa valley nest at least three pairs and one nest is found on the Rock. Here one can also see the endemic Cyprus Wheatear (Oenanthe cypriaca), a migratory species that breeds only in Cyprus and is included in Annex Ι of the European Directive 2009/147/ΕC. Likewise the world population of the Roller has decreased dramatically in the last few years. On the Episkopi rock one meets one of the largest populations of Jackdaws (Corvus monedula) on Cyprus.

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  • epeicentre 2015-08-06

    View point of Ezousa Valley. /outdoor-trails/ezousa-walking-trail-10376553#wp-10376554

  • Zdjęcie waldymar

    waldymar 2015-12-20

    I have followed this trail  View more

    A nice panoramic trail.

  • eeasyc 2018-04-24

    Leuke wandeling, maar trek een paar goede schoenen aan.
    Onderweg kom citrusbomen tegen en mandarijnen zijn er lekker.

  • londongurl 2018-10-11

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Really lovely trail - very easy to follow and so varied. Highly recommended.

  • Zdjęcie Steve & Julie

    Steve & Julie 2019-01-13

    I have followed this trail  zweryfikowane  View more

    Very scenic, typically Cypriot...need to revisit later in year, ( we walked Jan), recent heavy rains had swollen the river, bursting its banks & prevented us completing the loop route, we had to retrace our steps from a little over half way. A few steep but relatively short climbs/ descents along the way....very enjoyable👍

  • Zdjęcie ruthwsg

    ruthwsg 2019-01-27

    It's late Jan 2019. I just did the trail, however on the part where you turn around at the river, as another commentor said, the river was swollen and they back tracked. I just took off my shoes and socks and had to cross the river a few times looking for a path. I hate having to back track. There's only around 200m of uncertainty, and the water wasn't too cold. The path in general is a bit muddy at this time of the year. I had a total walking time of around 2 hours. Very nice route.

  • A Kyriakides 2019-04-21

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Very nice landscape! Went mid-April 2019.
    Everything was still green and colourful! (I guess due to the rainy winter of 2019) The view of the valley was calming.
    Giant cliff with bird nests in the village of Episkopi was astonishing.
    Ezousa river was still well flowing due to the dam of Kannaviou being overflown.
    We had to cross it 2-3 times. No path to do so though so we had to either throw some rocks or walk barefoot which was a fun thing to do provided that the river was not deep or swollen.

    Definitely recommend it but:
    -> make sure to use sunscreen
    -> not many trees around to provide shade so it would be advisable to go either early in the morning or in the afternoon now that the day is longer
    -> i guess it would be better to visit whilst everything is green and colourful otherwise you will miss much of the fun and beauty of the landscape

    Other than that the giant cliff at the entrance of the village worths a visit even just by car.

    Note that the environmental centre is closed on Sundays.

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