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w pobliżu Eugenia, Ontàrio (Canada)

A nice hike and a descent workout through a conservation area surrounding Eugenia Falls (near Flesherton, Ontario). There is parking available at the start point and it is a short and easy walk from there to the top of the falls. After viewing the 30 meter high falls from the top we headed along the embankment on the southeast side following a trail that narrowed and became more rugged the further we went. At points the trail had a serious side slope with a substantial drop if you slipped (so not for young children). We followed/teetered along the line of the embankment, picked our way through the forest and climbed down the embankment to the river. We retraced our way back up the river and along the far shoreline to the base of the falls.

The water was clear and warm in late August with a nice pool at the base of the falls. Water levels were high enough to give a nice water falls but low enough to allow hiking and crossing the river bed (both above and below the falls). We circled along the lower edge of the embankment (on the far side of the river) and found a spot where we were comfortable scaling back up the embankment. After a steep climb to the top we joined the Bruce trail and returned to the top of the falls.

Note: Seasonal and weather conditions (rain, snow, ice) would make portions of this trail dangerous/treacherous. Even in ideal conditions hiking poles and treaded footwear are recommended.

The forest was mixed deciduous/conifer with a lot of cedar and not much wildlife was spotted. The rolling terrain and the nice falls make this area worthy of a visit. Many thanks to Tom for showing us the area!

Eugenia Falls

From the viewing area at the top of the falls. The information board posted a recent history of the site and lists the falls as 30 meters high.


This is the point where we returned to the river and began the hike back towards the base of the falls.


Part of this hike is on the Bruce Trail and this viewpoint of the valley had tag #7100.


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