• Zdjęcie Escalante, Utah: Spooky canyon loop

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w pobliżu  Eggnog, Utah (United States)

These slot canyons are among the most popular spots in the Grand Staircase Escalante, and with good reason. Two very beautiful slot canyons carved in the red rock.
The Dry Fork turnoff is 26 miles from the highway 12. It is a rough road for passenger cars.
I recommend to get there early and go directly to Peekaboo, because traffic jams in Peekaboo would be extremely annoying -in many places there is barely room for one person. For the same reason it is a good idea to return through the desert from the top of the canyon.
The most difficult part in Peekaboo is the 12 feet step at the entrance. Then you have to squeeze your way through, because the canyon is just a crack in the rock which happens to be wide enough for one person. But the rock formations are amazing (see the photo)
Spooky is a more conventional narrow canyon with almost vertical wall, very pretty but not as striking. It is very easy to reach the exit, and then you can make your way back to the parking lot through the desert.

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