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6,48 km

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94 m

Max elevation

569 m


39 3

Min elevation

-123 m

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One Way
  • Zdjęcie Djebel Boukornine
  • Zdjęcie Djebel Boukornine
  • Zdjęcie Djebel Boukornine
  • Zdjęcie Djebel Boukornine
  • Zdjęcie Djebel Boukornine
  • Zdjęcie Djebel Boukornine


4 godzin 29 minut




20 grudnia 2016


października 2016
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569 m
-123 m
6,48 km

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w pobliżu Hammam-Lif, Tūnis (Republic of Tunisia)

ATTENTION: At the top of the mountain there is a military outpost. Most of the hill is under surveillance. I don't recommend to head for the summit unless you want to get arrested like I was.

Nevertheless, the military were nice to me, just a bit suspicious in the beginning about my intentions, specially since I was helding my GPS on my hand, which they took for inspection. But I totally looked like a foreign. I just kept it chilled and said I didn't know about the existence of such militaty facility and just wanted to get to the top. They asked me more questions but everything was good in the end. Police came and took me down on the car back to the police station of Ez Zahra were I answered a couple more questions. After 4 hours or more I was back and free again. I felt relieved. What an experience!

Regarding the trails itself, there is (or there was, since it's kind of abandoned now) a Natural Park of Boukornine. After starting from Hammam-Lif I went up to were it used to be a museum for the park (abandoned). Then continued up on the dirt tracks with quite some amazing views, until I intercepted the road that led up to the military base.

I've heard that in the last few years there were some terrorists on these mountains, but that now the situation was a bit better. I guess that's the reason people no longer go there for a walk.

I hope in some years people can go there again because it's really an amazing mountain. I hiked there at my own risk, since I really couldn't leave Tunisia without going there.

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    Sentier de balade facile à faire en famille.
    Aller-retour sur le même chemin.
    Prévoir un pique-nique, le restaurant "La chalet vert" est à éviter...

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