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w pobliżu Diklo, Akhmetis Raioni (Georgia)

Start from Diklo village and follow the road from the village straight, you will see information table and Old Diklo on the right [which is visible on distance on the right.
The trail continues following the contour line on the hillside, do not turn left nor right. You will cross river Tischulischevi [voice record No. 34] and a small stream. Keep following the trail on the hillside to the next small stream, where you can see a memorial [voice record No. 35: two people went to Diklo and were killed by the avalanche in the USSR times]
You will reach the farm estate, you will see it on the right, you can meet the shepherd dogs there, so be aware, a stick could be useful]. Keep following the trail on the hillside until you reach the rocks with another memorial.
At the memorial turn right on the mountain range, path turns slightly right [there is a sacred place Salocavi N 42°23´56,7´´ E 045° 42´08,6´´ height above sea level 2179 m, voice record No. 37, do not approach], the trail continues through the small forest.
You will cross the forest, still in the same direction and you will see the Old Diklo ahead.
When passing Diklo village [from the Old Diklo direction] look on the left among the houses, you will see mark on the left, which will lead you from the village/ You can also leave the village and turn left twice, on the opposite hillside, where you will find the road to follow.
Follow the road, there is the cementary on the left, and continue straight ahead, the road follows the contour line on the left side on the hill, it declines down to the rocks. There is a nice view on the Old Diklo form the hillside. Follow the path along the contour line, there is the windbreak after the edge, so cross it and continue in the same direction until you reach the meadow.
Continue over the meadow, keeping the same direction towards the opposite forest. Keep to the left side of the meadow. You can notice house fundamentals. Approximately in the mid of the left side of the meadow there is a water source.
Continue passing the meadow in the same direction. The meadow becomes more and more forested gradually.
Continue still straight on, then passing a hollow, which turne slightly right. You can notice old ruined remains of houses where were used for in-winter stabling [voice record No. 42: Chapros Boseli N 42°22´49,6´´ E 045°41´17,7´´ height above the sea level 1952 m]

Keep the right side of the hollow. The trail then continues on the left side of the hillside and goes on this left hillside, following the contour line, sometimes the trail declines and sometimes climbs up again. But do not turn away, stick to the contour line on the hill side. In approx. 300 metres you will reach a transformer. Below you can see a shaly roof of a small hydropower plant, which supplies Shenako. From the transformator the trail continues further and underneath a pipeline is conducted to the stream Tiskulkevi (N 42°22´35,8´´ E 045°40´17,9´´, height above sea level 1942 m), which pours out from a stone basin Cross the stream and turn right up to the hill, following the electric wiring, which is lead this way. A prospective of Shenako opens in front. On the left there is a suitable rest place (picnic area) , you turn to the right.
Take the car road to Shenaku, but it is more sufficient to turn off the road after approx. 200 meteres to the left and keep the path down,
Go down from the hill to the mountain rigde right under the village and then climb the hill directly do the village. When you reach first houses, take the first street right and then again to the right until you reach the edge of the village where you can find a water tap.


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