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w pobliżu  Two Boats Village, Ascension (Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha)

An Ascension Island Letterbox walk.

Green Mountain lives up to its name in that it is green throughout the year which is stark contrast to the lower levels of the island which can be likened to a lava desert. Being the highest point on the island it is often in cloud, this was recognised by the Victorian military who were garrisoned on the island who built water catchment areas to harvest the dew. These water catchment areas are no longer in use, all water for the island now being supplied by the desalination plant at English Bay.

The upper slopes are heavily planted with trees and shrubs on the advice of Charles Darwin after his visit in the early 19th Century, as such there are no views from the summit so make the most of those available as you ascend.
Hand excavated in Victorian times.
These barracks were the highest on the island.
One of the intial water collection points on the island.
Whether it is the same chain that was mentioned on the Dew Pond information board is debateable.
Believed to be the largest engineered water catchment facility that was constructed on the island.
The Governor of St. Helena, Ascension island and Tristan da Cunha resides on St Helena itself, their duties on Ascension Island are fulfilled by The Administrator whose official residence is The Residency. Previously this building was used as a hospital and the official residence was in Georgetown. When the hospital was closed the oficial residence was moved to this building to benefit from the cooler temperatures experienced on Green Mountain.


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