367 m
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8,51 km

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w pobliżu Ollioules, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (France)

A nice combination of a beautiful gorge and an adventurous path.
The first part is steep uphill. You avoid part of it (± 600 m) by parking your car as far as possible. When the road narrows and you stop seeing houses at both sides of the road, you don't have any parking possibilities anymore and it even becomes difficult to make a U-turn. Another option is to start this walk where it almost touches the busy D N8. Here you can park your car near a kennel club. To join this GPS track, you then have to cross the Reppe, a small river with almost no water in summer time.
When you walk away from the D N8, the walk in the gorge itself starts. Often there is no real path and you just have to follow the most obvious way upstream. The first part is relatively easy. In the second part you have a number of steep passages where chains are attached to assist you.
There are a number of ways to leave the gorge. The only waypoint of this track indicates the normal and most easiest way. We walked till a vertical and polished rock prevented further passage. To the left we saw 4 long climbing ropes hanging in the air so the only option left was a chain to the right. A few other chains followed before we reached a decent path.
We walked here in August and the remaining water was no problem at all. In other seasons I can imagine that water can make it more difficult to cross the pools and that rocks can become slippery.

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