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w pobliżu Pyrgá, Eparchía Lárnakas (Cyprus)

This is a GPS track of the E4 European Long Distance Walk from Stavrovouni monastery to Larnaca airport. It is the fourth and final part of the track of the E4 that I have uploaded to
Starting at the Stavrovouni monastery a footpath takes you down the steep hillside and then follows roads and gravel tracks past a quarry down a valley passing close to the Panagia Stazousa monastery. Reaching the village of Klavdia, the route then heads north to the village of Kalo Chorio. The section between these two villages has warning signs saying it is a firing range with risk of death (see waymarks below), if you ignore the signs it is at your own risk.
After Kalo Chorio the E4 climbs into the Moutti tou Zious "forest" before heading towards the miltary base at Kochi, there is a memorial to UN soldiers who have died in Cyprus a little before Kochi. From Kochi to the village of Avdellero, the gravel tracks crosses another forest and then rolling hills and farmland, passing the church of Archagelos. The E4 then follows roads into the UN Buffer zone and the village of Troulloi, continuing to the Agios Geogios Mavrovouniou Monastery (Monastery of Saint George of the Black hill). Later the E4 leaves the tarmac road, to climb around the hillside through another tree plantation to the village of Pyla. From Pyla the E4 crosses flat, fertile farmland on tarmac roads and farm tracks through the villages of Xylotympou and Xylofagou until it reaches the scattered trees and bushes of the Sotira forest.
From the summit of the low hill in the Sotira forest, the E4 approaches Ayia Napa, then diverts east across scrubby low hills to the coastal resort of Konnos. A scenic coastal path follows. The E4 rounds Cape Greco and then turns back on itself to follow the coast back towards Larnaca. Passing in front of the tourists developments around Ayia Napa, this coastal path briefly turns inland to Xylofagou and then returns to an undeveloped section of rocky coast between Xylofagou and the Dhekelia British forces base. A few kilometres after Dhekelia the E4 turns north up a road to return to Pyla, before heading across country on various gravel and tarmac roads, through Oroklini and Kelia, to reach the Rizoelia forest park on the outskirts of Larnaca. An industrial estate and housing follow, until the suburb of Kamares where there is a long arched aqueduct to admire. A walk across grassland then takes you to the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque. Just a few kilometes later the Cyprus E4, and indeed the E4 as a whole, ends at Larnaca airport.
More details can be found in my blog . The preceding section of the E4 across Cyprus can be found at .

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Architektura sakralna

Agios Georgios Mavrovouniou Monastery

One of the lesser visited monasteries.
Architektura sakralna

Archagelos church & picnic site

Small church and picnic site
Architektura sakralna

Ayioi Anargyroi Church and Cave

A small church on a headland with a cave a little beyond it. The Church is dedicated to Saints Kosmas and Damianos, doctors who asked for no payment for their services. They were apparently washed into the cave.

Cessac Cafe

A cafe at Dhekelia, British Sovereign Base in Cyprus

End of firing range

This marks the end of the firing range as indicated by the signs
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Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque

A mosque said to contain the remains of the Holy Helper and Aunt of Mohammed, who died here during an Arab attack on Cyprus. It is an imprtant site of pilgrimage and sits on the edge of Larnaca's salt lake.

Kamara tou Koraka Natural Bridge

A natural arch, one of a number along the coast.
Building of interest

Kamares Aqueduct

An aqueduct with many arches built in the 18th century but looking Roman

Moutti tou Ziou forest

A plantation of pines and cypress, planted on terraces on the hillside. The trees have not yet reached any great height. There are wind turbines on top of the hill, and a waste disposal facility on the far side.
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Panagia Aimatousa Church

A small, simple church, apparently known as "Aimatousa" (Bloody) from the tradition that the Virgin Mary can cure women with bleeding issues.
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Panagia Stazousa Monastery

A church built of on the site of earlier churches going back to the 14th century

Park of Folk Poets and Peace

A park in two areas. In one, details of local poets are displayed on a white curving wall. In the other a monument commemerates the 2,200 babies born in Cyprus to Jews interned in camps in the late 1940's while trying to reach what is now Israel.

Church and picnic area

Architektura sakralna

Profitas Ilias church

A church with a nearby picnic site and viewpoint.

Rizoelia forest picnic site

A forest plantation on a hill close to Larnaca with good views across the city

Ayios Antonios picnic site in Sotira forest

Picnic site close to two churches by the highest point in the Sotira "forest". The trees are sparse and small, the limestone rock is close to the surface frequently outcropping.

Start of firing range

A sign here states that it is a firing range and there is a danger of death. Although the E4 signs indicate this is the route, and it is used by local traffic, you use this route at your own risk. A longer alternative goes on the south side of the A5 motorway before turning north to Kalo Chorio.

United Nations Memorial

A monument remembering those working for the UN who have died in their efforts to bring peace to Cyprus. In particualr three Austrian UN soldiers killed by a Turkish aircraft attack.


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