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w pobliżu Lysos, Eparchía Páfou (Cyprus)

This is the track of the E4 European Long Distance Walk across the Troodos mountains. It is the 2nd section of the walk across Cyprus that I have loaded onto
Beginning from the village of Lysos, it passes the abandoned village of Melandra, before climbing into the pine forest of the Troodos mountains. At the camp and picnic site of Stavros tis Psokas have a look at the Mouflon sheep in an enclosure, as you are unlikely to see these animals in the wild. After climbing to the peak of Tripylos for its expansive views you walk down into Cedar Valley with its rare Cyprus cedars. Continuing through the pine forest, contouring around steep sided mountain slopes on forest tracks, you arrive at the Kykkos Monastery, a popular tourist stop with a restaurant and various stalls. Slightly off the trail are two ancient bridges on a nature trail worth a diversion. In the relatively dry country of Cyprus the Kaledonian Waterfall is a welcome sight and a popular walk for more active tourists. The nearby village of Troodos has all the tourist amenities. Continuing on roads, tracks and footpaths the track passes some ancient monasteries with old frescos on their walls, also some old villages such as Fikardou that are also worth a visit.
I have walked this track aiming to follow the E4 as best I can, it is marked by yellow and black diamonds. More details can be found in my blog . The preceding track can be found here , the next track can be found here .

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Kambi tou Kalogirou campground and picnic site

Campsite and picnic site pleasantly located among the pines

Stavros tis Psokas camp ground and picnic site

This camp and picnic site also has a small cafe and an enclosure of mouflons. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is nearby.

Cedar Valley

An area with many of the rare Cyprus Cedars


An old village with stone houses and narrow cobbled streets

Fire Watch station on the summit of Tripylos

A high point just off the track with a staffed fire watch tower and panoramic views, located at the top of Cedar Valley.

Kaledonian Waterfalls

A waterfall and nature trail up the stream above it.
Architektura sakralna

Kykkos monastery

The Holy Monastery of the Virgin of Kykkos and an associated museum popular with tourists and with a nearby restaurant and stalls selling honey, nuts etc.. Archbishop Makarios, later to be president of Cyprus, started his career here as monk. His tomb is on the hill behind.

Merika Picnic Site

Picnic site with tables and toilets by the road.

Panagia Picnic Site

Picnic Site on one side of a tarmac road with a forestry office and associated buildings on the other.
światowego dziedzictwa

Panayia tou Araca monastery

Twelfth century monastery of Panagia tou Araka (the Panagia is the Virgin Mary) with ancient wall paintings in the church in suprisingly bright colours, it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Platania Ekdromikos Choros Picnic Site

A picnic site by various forestry offices and on the other side of the road an enclosure with mouflons.
światowego dziedzictwa

Stavros tou Agiasmati church

15th century church with ancient wall murals, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Ancient Bridges

Two ancient bridges, I think Venetian, on a nature trail in a wooded valley.

Troodos Visitor Centre

Forestry visitor centre near the village of Troodos, which has numerous cafes and hotels.


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