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w pobliżu Little Hawk Lake, Ontàrio (Canada)

Final day and leg of a 3 day, 2 night trip (see catalog entry).

Starting from the lodge/waterfront we hiked up the road to a parking lot on the right side of the road. There is a map board posted that shows a bunch of trails in the area and this trail is listed as the 'Crests of Kennisis'. The trail starts just off the edge of the parking lot. Privy here too.

There are several nice vistas as the trail winds through some nice forest and shield country. The trail joins a logging road for a short stretch and approaches the Kennisis River (but doesn't quite give a good vantage point until the very end). Historic Log Chute as you cross the river with lots of information posted in a gazebo nearby.

C5V - Crests Junction

Viewpoint #4 is optional (to your left) and provides a nice view of Halls Lake in the distance. You do want to go north (right path) at this junction.

Viewpoint 4

Nice view of Halls Lake.


Some seasonal streams in the area, all were very easily crossed in August.

Table top rock

One big rock.

Stream, pond, logging road

A stream to the left, pond to the right and logging road bridge between them.

Log Chute

Historic Log Chute on the Kennisis River with lots of info posted in nearby gazebo.


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