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w pobliżu La Junta, Aisén (Chile)

A short hike on the Sendero de Montaña Trail located alongside the Carretera Austral, in front of the town, offers a great way to orient yourself and have a good look around. After climbing 600 meters through native Patagonian evergreen forest vegetation like quilas, tepúes, coigües y chilcos, you’ll reach a lookout point with a great view of the whole area. On a clear day you can observe the Palena andRosselot rivers, theBarros Arana mountain range, the MelimoyuVolcano and, of course, the town of La Junta. Perfect place for getting your bearings, right?

La Junta, Chile

Count on Great Encounters in La Junta. La Junta, the main town of the Palena – Queulat Area and the center of operations for exploring dozens of lakes, rivers and hiking trails. Surprises abound in this town built on friendship and hospitality.

Hotel de Montaña Espacio y Tiempo

A great way to wind up a day in La Junta is on the terrace of Hotel de Montaña Espacio y Tiempo. You’ll feel like you’re living a dream! No matter what the weather, you can comfortably relax outside enjoying the birds singing from the forest, the warmth of the afternoon sun or the gentle rhythms ofthe rain falling on the transparent roof. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a great pisco souror a local artisan brew, like Kawiñ, brewed right in town. Don’t miss the chance to dine on one of their gourmet specialties, which feature many local products of the zone. The gastronomy is only rivaled by the remarkable stories of La Junta and its historyshared by owners,Alan Vásquez and Connie Palacios. Carretera Austral N 399 Fono: (067) 2314141 Fax: (067) 2314142

Farmer’s Marketfor the WomenFarmers of the Valleys

Monday and Friday, 10.00 - 12.00

Greenhouses of Don Fito

Open every day and located alongside the Carretera Austral at the entrance of town.

Palena River

You can fish from a boat or from shore in several sections of this river, given the large number of tributaries and changing conditions it presents. There are sections suitable for the use of dry flies and nymphs, especially in the muddy areas and shallows. You will also encounter several sections with downed trees and roots; the use of streamers here will attract the fish that await in the pools these obstructions create.

Rosselot River

The event "La Ruta del Palena Festival"starts near La Junta at the bridge over the Rosselot River, which joins the Palena in a few kilometers more. Participants can descendin canoe, kayak, raft, kataraft or row boat, or any other option of human propulsion. The river has a tranquil, average flow, with some rapids and quite a few logs in the first 5 kilometers. Puerto Bonito is about the half-way mark of the route. It’s uninhabited, but has some thermal baths that you can access within a 30 minute walk. It is a great place to end the first day.

Mi Casita de Té Restaurante

Carretera Austral- La Junta Teléfono (067) 2314206

CONAF - SAG La Junta

Patricio Linch S/N Teléfono: (067) 2314128 E-mail:


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