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w pobliżu  Sun Valley, British Columbia (Canada)

A hilly walk as a result of granitic intrusive rocks resistant to erosion. The climbs to the Low Knoll, the Addington Lookput, and the High Knoll are somtimes rocky. All threee loactions have great views to the SW, S, and W over the Pitt-Addington Marsh lands and the Fraser River Valley.

Signs advise that black bears are sometimes very active in the park. Cougars are also present. Two large marsh ponds host abundant and varies waterfowl. The ponds have several beaver lodges.

Minnekhada Lodge (1930's Country Estate House) is accessible from the south end of Lower Marsh. The interior is open to public on Sunday afternoons (check times in advance).
Facilities, pocket park trail maps and bear-encouter guidlines available.
At SW end of Lower Marsh, views of Low Knoll, beaver lodge
alternate parking
1930's coach house, Japanese garden with view
Interior is open for tours on Sundays in season, check for dates and times
Looking towards SE over Pitt-Addington MArsh Wildlife Management Area and Pitt River.
typical forest ground vegetation
Steep sections are rocky with exposed roots; may be loose and slippery when wet.
This is the highest elevation on the track. Brioad views over Fraser River valley and west to Coquitlam and Surrey Center.
Small stream parallels trail
Wetland along north shore of North Marsh Pond, skunk cabbage
Worth side trip, this bridge is one of the well known attibutes of the park.


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