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468 m
207 m
11,1 km

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w pobliżu Bowman, California (United States)

IMPORTANT > I forgot to start recording until 1/2 mile in on trail:
Actual mileage = 7.3
Actual elev gain = 1,201

Trails taken: Gate 150 to Wendell T Robie (aka WST) to Shortcut Trail to Quarry Connector Trail to Quarry Trail

At this recordings mile 1.4 or mile 2.3, you could extend this hike to Cool for food and/or libations by connecting with the Olmstead Loop trail.

At this recordings mile 4.7, you can bypass going up to Horseshoe Canyon, thus cutting off .6 miles and ~155 ft elevation gain. However, this canyon is so beautiful that I highly recommend hiking up!

Dry seasonal creek waterfall


Just showing the amazing trail beauty on this overcast day!


Our 2nd seasonal creek waterfall


Trail signage

The start on Shortcut Trail is very steep but pretty darn short too (whew!)

Just after crossing the 49

The trail crosses the 49 from a meadow with a gate that states, “Upper Quarry”. You end up on the east side of the quarry and actually walk thru their lot to get to that dirt trail seen in the background.

Waterfall that seems to run year-round


Lower part (creek) of year-round waterfall


Horseshoe Canyon (aka The Cathedral)

Old quarry is now a very popular rock climbing area. Well worth the side trip!!!

That cave is approx 50ft up ...

... and probably is a 6 ft tall opening

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  • Zdjęcie K Martin

    K Martin 2020-06-09

    I have followed this trail  zweryfikowane  View more

    Great scenery, lightly traveled. Side loop to climbing area is a great place for lunch. Saw climbers there for the first time in my several visits.

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