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w pobliżu  Llandudno Junction, Wales (United Kingdom)

This walk on the fringe of the Snowdonia National Park, although taken on a day of attrocious weather, would afford some great views on a clear day. The terrain varies from coastal edge to mountain moorland with several wooded stretches also. On reaching the summit area of the mountain, you can opt for the North side with views to the coast and beyond to Llandudno and the Great Orme, or take the South side with views accross rolling countryside towards the Conwy valley. The initial descent from the mountain provides a spectacular view down the Sychnant pass towrds Capelulo and Dwygyfylchi. Although the walk starts from Llandudno Junction. A start from Conwy would shorten the route by some 3 km.
What is this contraption of a fairground ride doing halfway up a mountain at the marked way point


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