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w pobliżu Yanama, Ancash (Peru)

There is so much to do in this area. We only spent two nights at Andes Resort Lodge, and therefore one full day to explore, but there were many hiking activities to choose from. We decided to hike up to the Refugio Contrahierbas, then a little above it to the fascinating re-creation of the pre-Incan ruin of Quisaur (by the artisans of Don Bosco), then down a bit to the actual ruins. Although you can walk from town, we drove our car up the Acochaca-Yanama road to the trailhead at -9.034528°, -77.465223° (12,100 ft), then hiked up the well-traveled and well-marked trail past Quechua shepherds, past the turn-off to Sahuan Punku, another pre-Incan hilltop ruin, past the pampa Mamanhuchanga and up to the Refugio (also built by Don Bosco artisans) at 13,360 ft. The Refugio wasn’t open yet (late May), so we had a picnic lunch in the sun with awesome views all around and incredibly peaceful vibe. After lunch, we hiked a little further to the Quisaur replica buildings at -9.054994°, -77.477484°, then northwest across the slope to the actual pre-Incan ruins. All deserted, ancient and peaceful. After this we hiked back down past the shepherds and happened to see a newborn lamb, about 15 minutes old, still covered with goop and barely able to stand, but protected by a little sheepdog and with the mother nearby.


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