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348 m
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5,46 km

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w pobliżu  Vaïare, Îles du Vent (French Polynesia)

Rando facile, moins de 2h aller-retour.
Chemin bien tracé et dégagé
Très beau point de vue sur la baie de Vaiare et de l'autre côté sur la caldeira et le Mont Rotui

Partir du quai des ferry, descendre vers le Sud et tourner à droite au magasin Bayside. Continuer tout droit, à droite après la grosse pierre. Continuer, traverser le pont, passer des vergers, au fond, prendre le chemin qui monte à gauche.

-- les sentiers peuvent traverser des terrains privés, respectez les lieux et demandez l'autorisation lorsque vous croisez une personne
-- trails can cross private land, respect the site and ask for permission when you see someone ---

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  • Zdjęcie joel_blatt

    joel_blatt 2018-04-06

    Highly recommended. Vaiare to Paopao in 2 hours. 4 miles, 1000+ feet. We took taxi to trail start and finish. Finding trail is easy: starting at store, follow unpaved road west keeping right a couple times for ~1 mile, when you come to creek without bridge turn around and backtrack ~100 meters to the left turn you were supposed to take originally; it starts ascent - you will immediately start to see red and white trail markers along the entire trail. Once you reach the ridge it will give you right and left turn options and spectacular views. Left goes towards Belvedere and is another hike for another day. Right is to Paopao. The descent into Paopao is aided by ropes. You have to walk through what seems like people's back yards, but keep going towards bay and you will end up at supermarket.

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