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99 m
-13 m
9,2 km

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w pobliżu  Fort Adams, Mississippi (United States)

Clark Creek. Jay. Derek. Walter
1st Waterfall
2nd Waterfall
Dead end at creek
Primative trail at creek fork
Top of hill
Southern tip of trail
Top of hill
Waterfall 3
Primative trail start point

4 Opinie

  • krogsmash 2017-01-25

    "Don't go chasing waterfalls"

  • Zdjęcie chicotbill

    chicotbill 2017-11-13

    Good pics.

  • Ector J Garcia 2018-10-22

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Downloaded this trail and followed it step by step. It was very scenic and very challenging. I would take extra water we went on a cool day and still went through 2 liters of water before the trail was over. Lots of people on the early trails and waterfalls not that many people on the primitive trail. The trail is very washed out on several hills so you will need to improvise going up or down in a few spots. Lots of fun and I will be back. I went counter clockwise as per this trail but next time I think it maybe a better route to take the loop clockwise.

  • Stormin 2018-10-22

    It is a great hike. We want to go back. We did it counter ckockwise to have the best parts and waterfalls at the end. Thanks for the review!

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