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714 m
430 m
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Obejrzane 1994 razy, pobrane 35 razy

w pobliżu Graus, Aragón (España)

This walk starts in Graus itsel.

At first we took the ornithologist path which leads you up through a worn away and desolate rocky landscape with the prominently situated hermitage of San Pedro sometimes in good view and also, looking behind you,the reservoir of Barasona.

After a while you will come to the mirador de Las Planas from which you will have a splendid view of the planes and the mountains beyond them.

From this mirador you could also take a path that leads you up to the hermitage of San Pedro but we followed the signposted Knight Templar's path to the ruins of the church of San Miquel.

What follows after you leave the mirador and pass around the bend of the rock is a beautiful part of the walk along a soft path through the trees,a completely different environment compared to the rest of the surroundings, called La Ubaga.

When you get to the sign to San Miquel you clould either go up to the ruins, a steep worn away path, and go back to this sign and follow the Knight templar's path for a shorter and easier walk or do as we did.

We went up to San Miquel and continued the white- yellow indicated path which leads you through some wonderful scenery.

When this path started to turn too much to the left for our liking we decided to scramble up for about 60 meters until we reached a wide track. This, of course, is a part of the walk which is not easy because you really have to scramble up sometimes, using both your hands to find some grip.

If you continue the white-yellow indicated path you would eventually reach the abandoned village of Grustan from which you could also descend along wide tracks but we did not have enough time for that.

Going down along the white tracks you will have wonderful views of the planes and mountains to the north and east again and go through beautiful olive tree and almond tree orchards.


El mirador de las Planas

Architektura sakralna

San Miguel


View on Las Planas


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