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w pobliżu  Cochrane, Aisén (Chile)

The visit to the Cerro Tamango region was recommended in a former edition of a Lonely Planet guidebook. To be honest, I have not found it so exciting, however one has to admit that the summit is a valuable viewpoint. The web of paths, however, remains down among woods and lakes, the ascent of the final slopes in left to individual initiative. However, with good weather there is no difficulty.

Below is the text that I wrote down for the 360° summit panorama:
Here I was speaking of Douglas Tompkins without knowing that he had sunk in Lago Carrera and died only few hours before...


Cerro Tamango can be considered the home mountain of Cochrane, which is the most important centre of the Chilean Patagonia south of Coyhaique.
It is also popular for having been covered in the old edition of the Lonely Planet guide «Trekking in the Patagonian Andes», although it has now been replaced by the so called De Agostini trek in the San Lorenzo, a trek which I described in N.18526.
The Tamango massif separates Cochrane, and its lake, from Valle Chacabuco, which opens the panorama, and which is also known as the «Serengeti of the southern cone» due to its exceptional biodiversity. There are rumors that Douglas Tompkins is trying to build the most interesting park of the continent by joining Chacabuco to Jeinemeni, lying north.
Not all the local people are excited by the engagement of Tompkins in these regions, however. Together with the common «Patagonia sin represas» (without reservoirs, a point that I will explain in some further work), on the road from Cochrane to the San Lorenzo I happened also to meet the slogan «Patagonia sin Tompkins»...

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A comfortable place to stay.
Here the road leaves the village.
Here you need to pay a little entrance fee.
Here one joins the Sendero las Aguilas, coming from down east.
At a junction of paths.
Absolutely no path up here.

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