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w pobliżu Perito Moreno, Río Negro (Argentina)

Cerro Bella Vista (Bariloche). This is a beautiful hike to the first summit of Bella Vista. (The second summit adds an extra hour return trip). I rated it as moderate, although some might judge the steep scree section near the summit as difficult.
There is a parking area a few hundred meters up the trail, with a fee of 20 pesos. It involves opening a farmer's gate and driving another 200 meters. Parking on the main road ( rte 79) is not recommended due to frequent break-ins.
The trail is relentlessly steep, but the view is spectacular. Finally, the sign at the jct of the trail and rte 79 refers to another hike, but about 200 meters past the parking lot you'll see the sign for Bella Vista.

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    El track no lleva a la cumbre, sino a una precumbre apenas se llega al filo del Bella Vista.

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