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w pobliżu  Forest Grove, Western Australia (Australia)

SIXTH DAY of Cape to Cape Track
from Conto Campground to Deepdene Campsite

This day has: walk in beach sand and dunes, forest walk, river crossing, rock scrambling, 4WD road walk with plenty of sun covered sections.

This track connects to:
- Cape to Cape Track - DAY 5
- Cape to Cape Track - DAY 7
Turn RIGHT (Left: to Conto Campground)
Turn LEFT at the gate
Dry Toilet + 1 Water Tank + 3 Wooden Table + Fire pit NO rubbish disposal - NO pets - NO generators Small sheltered campground accessible by trail or 4WD in a amid peppermint woodland. It accommodate +- 7 large tents or a few small campervans.
Turn RIGHT, following Georgette Rd
Turn RIGHT, following Daves Rd
Continue on Daves Rd
Continue on Daves Rd
Best rest spot in section of forest walk, with shade and some logs to sit.
Turn RIGHT on Trig Rd
Continue on Trig Rd
Continue on Trig Rd
Continue on Trig Rd
Continue on Trig Rd
Continue on Trig Rd
Turn RIGHT on Boranup Beach Rd
Continue on Boranup Beach Rd (Right: beach access)
A big log mark this intersection, with a nice scenic view a few meters ahead. LEFT: Cape to Cape Track continues (Right: beach access)
End of steep descent to Boranup Beach and the beginning of a longest beach walk of +- 6.5 Km.
The long beach walk ends beach stairs in the White Cliff Point, the northern point of Foul Bay
DO NOT cross the road! A missplaced marker suggest that the trail continue on the other side of the road ... but it is not right! Instead, walk a few meters along the sealed road for the proper sign.
Back to Cape to Cape Track
Beach steps (downhill). After a few meters os sand walk, a blow holes area stretch on the shore line.
Best view of the area, from Foul Bay to Cosy Corner and the Blowholes in the shoreline.
End of the Cosy Corner beach walk is marked by the sign.
Trail Marker
Trail marker
Deepdene campsite access
Dry Toilet + 2 Water Tank + 1 Wooden Table NO rubbish disposal - NO fire There are 2 small lawn area (3-4 tents in each) slightly covered by trees. Accessible by 4WD.
(Beach Number: wa0631) Deepdene Beach is 5.3 km long. The southern part has some rocks and blowouts and the northern part has more firm white sand. Turner Brook drains across the beach 1 km away from the southern end.
(Beach Number: wa0643) Boranup Beach is one of the longest continuous beaches in South Western region and trends for 7.8km from the rocks in North Point to Foul Bay.
(Beach Number: wa0642) Foul Bay is a 6 bays area of incredible beauty. An old jetty, facing Hamelin Island, has long been abandoned.


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