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w pobliżu Argo, Nevada (United States)

This is a short section of the California Emigrant Trail, Truckee Route near the trails west marker "Sand Ridge" just outside of Fernley, NV. Just imagine that 165 years ago you were almost through the infamous 40 Mile Desert, one of the most dreaded sections. It was hot, little to no water, and desolate dunes. Seven miles from the refreshing water of the Truckee Meadows you may have stopped at the small spring, alkaline and almost unpalatable. You would have trudged on through the relentless sand. Here leading east from the Trails West marker #10 Sand Ridge you can follow an indention in the sand left by the wagons and emigrants that were headed west. This trail is relatively easy to follow because of the indention. After a short while you drop towards a spring and the trace of the emigrant trail vanishes. Once you check out the spring follow the trail back to the road and the trails west marker. I enjoy this trail because it helps foster a perspective of the emigrants traveling west and the hardships they face.


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