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w pobliżu El Rancho Mobile Home Park, California (United States)

A hike up to 3 rock houses used by miners.

Hike up the rockhouse canyon.
At the bend you can see a hiking trail, running along the canyon wall.
The not so hidden "hidden spring" can be found on the left side (north) of the canyon.

Hike further into the canyon, that narrows and the canyon walls go straight up.
The only obstacle is a granite fall, just about on the county line.

There used to run a road up here, so as you hike back from the fall, look to the right.
The road is easy to spot and starts close to the bend.
Hiking on the remains of the road to the top of the fall, takes about 2 minutes.

Keep on hiking up the canyon and keep left on every major fork.
Hiking is very easy, as the the wash is sandy and as smooth and firm as it gets.

As the canyon opens into a valley, keep in the left sandy wash.
The wash is in the left side (west) of the canyon.

1) As the wash nears a boulder ridge, hike just past the ride.
2) On the right you see 3 boulder groups, sticking out of the canyon floor.
Just past the last one turn right (North).

At point "Trail" look for rock cairns, the rock houses are north, that's to the right out of the wash.

You find the remains of 3 rock houses, with a little bit of restoration.

Hike back towards the wash and hike further north/west in the sandy wash.
Take the first fork to the right, the fork isn't that clear at this point, but turns into a small sandy wash.
The next fork keep right, (straight on) and you should see the cottonwood spring.
At least that's what we expect it is. It's the only green spot where the spring should be.

The pictures

Hiking time:

Park->End: 27 Minutes.
End->Spring: 11 Minutes.
Spring->Fall: 22 Minutes.
Fall->Rock houses: 1 Hour, 43 Minutes.
Rock houses->Spring: 23 Minutes.

How to get here:

Drive up the Rockhouse road.
Off Road


Rockhouse Trail
Off Road


X Rockhouse
Off Road




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Hidden S

Hidden Spring
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Out Road

Out Road
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Fork Left

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Stanowisko archeologiczne

RockH 2

Rockhouse 2
Stanowisko archeologiczne

RockH 1

Rockhouse 1
Stanowisko archeologiczne


Rockhouse 3
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Fork R1

Fork Right 1
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Fork R2

Fork Right 2
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    sextante 2013-11-18

    Excellent contribution of part of the territory of USA. Very good pictures and a description of each route as detailed. Thank you for your contribution.

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