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w pobliżu Claremont, Ontàrio (Canada)

A hike through Brock Tract, Wilder Forest, Walker Woods and Glen Major. We are getting prepped for a section of the PCT, and I was looking to layout a 10 mile track for a good workout and nailed it with this hike.

Decent scenery with variety as you wind your way through the four conservation areas. A couple of nice viewpoints, some wildlife but we were really focused on conditioning vs sightseeing so other than the waypoints I didn't take many photos.

Next time we are going to carrying a pack with some weight to it!

G21 lookout

One of three places to take a look over the edge of the old gravel pit. Sounds crazy but it is actually kinda neat.

B4 plus view point

A quick side trail to a southern looking viewpoint.

B6 right turn

Turn right here

B9 exit Brock Tract

Take the connecting trail to the north.

F4 enter Wilder

The entry point to Wilder Forest, nice meadow to the south.

F9 Concession 6

Exit Wilder Forest and cross over Concession 6 Road (gravel at this crossing).

W20 enter Walker Woods

Turn left onto the Great Trail.

W9 leave Great Trail

Turn right, you'll be leaving the Great Trail and starting your loop south



G8 Exit Walker Woods , enter Glen Major

There is no dotted line on the ground... but this is where I think Walker Woods became Glen Major.

G24 exit Glen Major

Another decent spot to start the hike with a large parking area (no washrooms).

B22 re-enter Brock Tract

Cross the 6th Concession (paved at this crossing) and the path is straight ahead. Take the right fork ten meters in.


Cross over the cartway

5 Opinie

  • hawk25 2020-08-23

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Pretty good. My friends got tuckered out. Nice work putting this loop together!

  • Zdjęcie Port flora

    Port flora 2020-08-23

    thanks, and yea it can be a good workout. My wife and I did it several times with full packs!

  • hawk25 2021-01-02

    Do you know if this is maintained in the winter? Safe to do with all the hills along the trail in Jan/Feb?

  • Zdjęcie Port flora

    Port flora 2021-01-02

    No it isn't maintained in the winter and can get quite icy and slippery. Hikers still hit the trails in the winter so there is usually tracks in the snow but you really have to adjust your plans according to the conditions. Hiking poles recommended.

  • hawk25 2021-01-03

    Brilliant! Thanks a lot for getting back to me

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