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2 770 m
9,82 km

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w pobliżu Old Mammoth, California (United States)

A fantastic hike to a great peak outside Mammoth. Half the difficulty is getting to the trailhead. You need a high-clearance 4WD vehicle to navigate Laurel Lakes Road. But if you can get to the trailhead, this is one of the better hikes in the area. Awesome views from up top, and not too much traffic. We had the whole mountain to ourselves the whole day. The distance and gain is "moderate", but going from 10,000' to 12,500' can be difficult. When you reach the top, the true summit is actually BEFORE the short descent to the top of the couloir. Look for the summit register.

Bloody Mountain

Bloody Mountain summit

Bloody Mtn Trailhead

Bloody Mtn trailhead

Laurel Pass

Laurel Pass. Don't know if that's the official name, but it's the point where you leave the maintained trail and hike up the steep ridge to the summit along a very scant use trail


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