2 138 m
1 087 m
24,07 km

Obejrzane 77 razy, pobrane 5 razy

w pobliżu Šljivlje, Mojkovac (Montenegro)

A nice uphill trail leading from Biogradsko lake to the highest point in the area Crna Glava (2139m). The first long uphill section is inside a dense forest, corsing a dirt road (bike path) several times. Stepping out of the forest, the path leads to a viewpoint looking down on the large lake. The path continues on a wide dirt road skirting the ridge line with views of forested valleys, and is mostly level untill the final climb to Crna Glava. This section was very windy but the scenary was beautiful with several glacial lakes seen from above. From the moutain top I descened to Ursulovacko lake and Sisko lake and finally spent the night at katun Rakovic.
The height gained is large but the trail isn't steep or difficult.
25km, +1300/-750m, 8hrs


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