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w pobliżu Moore Park, Ontàrio (Canada)

Here's an urban hike that is a loop trail that takes you through some interesting nature areas within the city of Toronto. It can be started anywhere on the loop and there are plenty of points where public transport (TTC) is nearby. Coming by car, we parked at the Brick Works just off Bayview Avenue and used that as our start and stop point (parking fee was $6).

The path starts right beside the parking area and immediately becomes an off-leash area for dogs. This area can be avoided by continuing up the hill about 10 meters and then turn left onto the main trail.

The path follows along side Yellow Creek over to Mount Pleasant Road (level crossing) and turns north, heads under St Clair Avenue into Mount Pleasant Cemetery(gates are open in spring/fall 8:00 - 6:00; summer 8:00 - 8:00). Take a picture of the cemetery map! Carefully re-cross Mount Pleasant Road, head east and south (pass by parking lot and large building) and exit the cemetery heading south, cross Moore Avenue. You are back on the Beltline Trail that takes you south to Brick Works Park to complete the loop.

The trail is well used by cyclists, dog walkers and hikers and is shielded from much of the surrounding city's noise by mature trees (mostly deciduous) and rolling terrain. Lots of birds, the streams added to the experience (mostly) and graffiti was the only reminder of an urban setting.

Trail was very wide, in great shape and could easily accommodate large groups but level road crossings were not easy due to heavy traffic (head up to traffic lights??). There are lots of side trails and more to explore at the Brick Yards (bathrooms too).

Intersection 1

Take the right fork

Intersection 2


Brick Works Park

Many paths to explore, some shops and places to sit, eat and refresh.

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  • hawk25 2019-01-01

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    Easy trail. Well-maintained, even during the winter.
    Went after it had rained and snowed for a few days and the soil was quite muddy so use your hiking boots.
    No hiking poles necessary given the almost non-existent changes in elevation, but parts can be especially muddy or slippery.

    Skip the cemetery and circle back. I took a longer loop through it and it's hard asphalt, no trail, easy to end up wandering around longer than you wanted.

    Multiple entry points in. LOTS of dogs off-leash.
    Streams are pleasant to see, even when frozen.

    All-in-all a good quick hike/run on those days where you didn't plan for a trip anywhere else.

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