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w pobliżu Hillcrest, California (United States)

Evidently, some of the trails have been expanded in the area. There is now a fairly complete trail system through balboa park. This particular hike is partly dirt trails, some pavement, and does go through the museum areas of the park as well. It's an interesting way for a visiting tourist to get a more complete tour of the park for free. It's also a pretty good workout for locals. There are some occasional hills and the walk is about 6 miles. Good exercise for a cool spring or summer day. There isn't a lot of tree cover, so I wouldn't recommend doing the full 6 miles on the hottest days of summer. Sorry, I didn't bring my camera so I don't have any pictures for this one.

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    Anderson 2011-07-04

    Thanks for the description of these park trails. I'll make sure to visit Balboa Park next time I'm in San Diego

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