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Długość śladu

5,34 km

Poziom trudności



58 m

Max elevation

779 m



Min elevation

307 m

Trail type

One Way




1 lutego 2010
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779 m
307 m
5,34 km

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w pobliżu Holo, Hordaland (Norway)

-- Austefjellet (Austlirinden, Austerinden) -- 808 masl. -- 2-5 hours

Definitely one of my favorite hikes in Bergen. The hike starts at Osavannet (Parking costs 20 kr. on days with many people). The first 30 min. goes on a good path. It's going up, but not very steep. The next 30 min. still follows the path, but not quite as good as the first part. Still, the hike to Redningshytten is used for all seasons and is quite easy. It's open every day year-round. This will take an hour or a bit less. At Redningshytten there are many options. One can for example reach Gullfjellet, the highest mountain in Bergen. Anyway, here I chose to follow the path to Austefjellet. <(The path from Redningshytten to Austefjellet is not drawn with 100% accuracy)>. One thing that can be important to know is that there are several beacons around the mountain. The path from Osavannet to Redningshytten has the numbers 10 to 20, while the path from Redningshytten to the top has the numbers 70 to 80. This can be a good way of finding the path: Just follow these beacons. I used about three hours, but in quite a fast tempo.


This is a cottage and a good place to take a break while hiking in Gullfjellet. Open every day all the year. It can be smart to bring some money as they sell for example chocolate, maps, t-shirts and something to drink. However, it's also a wonderful starting point for the high mountains. The cottage can be reached from several places, but Osavannet is the most used. Hausdalen is also a well used trail. There are actually two cottages. They were built around 1930, and was meant to help if anyone would be in trouble.


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