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  • Zdjęcie Aurora
  • Zdjęcie Aurora
  • Zdjęcie Aurora

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Uploaded 19 marca 2016

Recorded marca 2016

248 m
185 m
6,23 km

Obejrzane 110 razy, pobrane 4 razy

w pobliżu White Rose, Ontàrio (Canada)

A trail along a stream in Aurora that joins some parks and recreation areas. Narrow strip of mixed forest (some old growth, lots of new and scrub). Path is well marked and footing was great even in the spring. Quite a few people were seen along the trail as it winds through a well populated area (homes and businesses frequently visible, some streets to cross). Parking on the street available at the start/finish and a full parking lot at the north end (turnaround point).


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